• Business Fields

Business Fields

HEAT-EX. TAEHWA CORPORATION has many accumulated skills and experience in each business sector, Environment, Power Plant, Renewable, Petrochemical and Overseas plant business, has provided construction work, from design, to provide a variety of services, including start-up support.

  • Enviornment Plant

    Enviornment Plant

    The water quality, air pollution, such as environmental protection and waste disposal facilities.

  • Power Plant

    Power Plant

    Nuclear power plants, Combined cycle power plants and district heating facilities to become a driving force of every industry.

  • Renewable Plant

    Renewable Plant

    Fuel Cell (Hydrogen, methane and the fuel such as methanol oxide for converting chemical energy directly into electrical energy produced by techniques.)

  • Petrochemical Plant

    Petrochemical Plant

    The main industry of petrochemical plant equipment to produce the energy that is utilized in whole industry.

  • Overseas Plant

    Overseas Plant

    Various fields of Industry Such as Environment, Power Plant, Renewable, Petrochemical.